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Skip-tracing (locates):
Obviously, the more information you have, the quicker I can locate your subject for you. At a bare minimum, I need their name and last known address (if it’s a common name, like John Smith) or at least a city and state. For nationwide/stateside searches, my turnaround time is generally under thirty days (and usually less than fourteen.)

Please be aware that international locates can take fifteen days or more just to develop the necessary information for a successful hunt.

Upon successful, verified location of your subject’s whereabouts (either home, work, or both), you will be immediately notified via telephone, e-mail or facsimile, and I will provide you with a full written report within five business days.

For cases requiring skips of multiple defendants, witnesses, or development of lists of interviewees, please contact me for a custom quote. On more sensitive matters, I can meet with you personally. Again, just contact me.

Once they’ve been found…
I can help you with the following:

Asset Searches:
Pre-judgment: locate any and all tangible assets including, but not limited to, vehicles, water craft, aircraft, real property, business affiliations.

Post-judgment: all of the above PLUS nationwide bank and investment account search, employment/source of income report. A copy of the court judgment is required.

Other Services:
·  Pre-Employment Vetting
·  Civil / Criminal Background Checks

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